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Freeze-dried products make up the majority of ingredients used for Gourmet Reserves. For instant or quick rehydration of certain dried foods and for products which retain their shape and texture, freeze-drying is the preferred method. The first step in freeze-drying is to rapidly freeze the food. The water content, now frozen, is turned directly into a gas and withdrawn from the food during the next steps, vacuum and heat, thus avoiding the shrinkage. Freeze-drying uses a very low heat temperature. Many of Gourmet Reserves products are custom freeze-dried to suit our strict quality requirements. Freeze-dried products include: grains, beans, fruits, meats, seafood, pastas, vegetables, and eggs. Using this process, 98% of the moisture is removed.

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Life+Gear is a new consumer brand predicated upon providing families and individuals with optimal emergency and disaster preparedness products specifically designed to provide practical and effective survival solutions. Life+Gear proprietary development has been combined with quality synergistic products pulled from worldwide emergency and disaster preparedness agencies and companies to create today's most comprehensive collection of safety oriented products available anywhere.
Life Gear Survival Pack

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